Below, find a listing of all of the advertising services we offer you and your business. You will discuss your needs with one of our expert Account Managers and then one of our marketing experts will guide you through the pricing structure and payment process.


The price range you see is the current market value of the types of services and ads applicable. If you do not see a package that you “like” our marketing expert will send you a list of active urls so you can take a look at the content, we’ll share all site metrics, and we discount repeat orders. We want you to be happy with our service and our pricing.


We want you to see a noticeable “bump” in revenue coming from your advertising with our network, and our marketing expert will be available to address your questions at any time.

Here is the smorgasbord of advertising services Devoted Media will bring to you.

  1. Sidebar Ads:

­­A sidebar ad is similar to a banner ad, but it is ­vertically oriented rather than horizontally. Because it is vertical, the height of a sidebar ad can be a “skyscraper ad” as high as 600 pixels. Sidebar ads are usually 120 pixels wide.

A sidebar ad has more impact than a banner ad for at least two reasons:

  • A tall sidebar ad is two to three times larger than a banner ad.
  • You cannot scroll a sidebar ad off the screen like you can a banner ad. With a banner ad, you can scroll just 60 pixels down and the ad is gone. With a sidebar ad, the ad is with you much longer.

­Because of this increased impact, sidebar ads have higher branding power and a higher click-through rate. A typical sidebar ad has a click-through rate of 1 percent (10 clicks per 1,000 impressions), or about two to three times that of a banner ad.

Sidebar ads are seen in all page content. Ad placement will be within the top three sections of the sidebar. It can be a “visual” or a text ad. To see how you want your text to look just “google” what you are selling and see what the paid ads look like. Our marketing team will help you construct your text ad, if needed. You need to be mindful of your keywords when constructing a text ad. If you have your own “visual ad” as we are displaying here, we will insert it and link it wherever you wish on your website. (A promotion, specific landing page or home page for instance).


  1. Footer Ad:

A Footer Ad is just what it sounds like-your ad in the footer section of the website. Footer ads are found in many forms, from text ads to banner-type ads. In our experience, we have found that banner type footers are much more eye catching and will garner a larger impression and click-through rate for you so we will just offer you two sizes of banners for your footer ads. As with all “designed” ads, you are free to send us a banner you have and like, or use our team to help you design one.

Footer banner (468×60 pixels)

Footer ½ banner (234×60 pixels)

One time design/1-2 revisions


  1. Combo Sidebar/Footer Ad:

In terms of information there is “nothing new here” if you have read the information provided above about sidebar and footer ads. This is a package which include your choice of a large sidebar ad with a smaller footer banner versus the smaller sidebar ad and the larger footer banner.

Footer banner/Vertical banner sidebar ad OR

½ Footer banner/Skyscraper Sidebar ad

One time design of both/1-2 revisions of both

  1. Banner ad:

One of the most popular forms of Internet advertising is the banner ad.

A banner ad is simply a special sort of hypertext link. A bit of HTML code instructs a web server to bring up a particular web page when a user clicks on a certain piece of text. Banner ads are essentially the same thing, except that instead of text, the link is displayed as a box containing graphics (usually with text elements). We can use your footer banner as a top banner if you wish, or you can simply highlight your business with one of two sizes of banners which are displayed at the top of a website’s every page. As with the footer banners and sidebar ads, you can give us your art, or ask us to design it for you


  1. Featured Media page:

This is your page! It will be only one click from the site’s homepage, giving you excellent SEO viability. This page will not contain anyone else’s ads- it’s your page and you get our and your audience’s complete attention.

You can write text, insert videos, images, and keywords which backlink to any pages on your website you wish. If you wish to do your page as a full page advertisement, that’s fine. Any and all promotional content which is not deemed “inappropriate” by our team (nudity, depictions of violence, etc. is just fine. We assume that you have a web developer who can give our web developer the intact page. If you need help with page design/development we will put you in touch with our top designer.


  1. Full Media page:

This page is identical to the one described above with the exception that other forms of advertising from other businesses will exist on this page.


  1. Blog feature:

Our featured blog gives you a lifetime blog post which will stay at the top of the blogs as long as the website “lives.” So it’s obviously first come, first serve. This blog can be 500-1000 words. It can include 3 “do follow” links, one featured image and a biography box. Content is subject to approval by Devoted Media staff to eliminate any chances of inappropriate material.


  1. Guest blog post:

A guest post can be 400-1000 words, with one featured image, video, audio and one do follow backlink. The content must be informational and non-promotional. Our moderators must approve your post.


  1. Homepage Blogroll:

Having a text link to your blog on our homepage gives your blog enormous visibility via our traffic and powerful authority for your SEO efforts. Every one of our visitors is a potential customer for you. This status will give you powerful do follow backlinks for the anchor keyword you wish to use. Note that we will use text links only with your keyword linked to the page of your choice.


  1. Sidebar Blogroll:

This is the same text link back to your blog just discussed above. However, the placement is within the top 3 placement areas of our sidebar. It too will give you powerful do follow backlinks for your “anchor” keyword. Sidebar placements will also be seen in each of our blogs.

  1. Press release:

Press releases can be submitted and published in our news section of websites. Obviously press releases must be somewhat “newsworthy” such as a new product or service. When you order a press release we will submit it to over 350 internet-based, wire-service based and basically everywhere you find news services in the U.S.

  1. Packages:

The devoted media team knows what works, what works in tandem and will suggest some packages we feel are a great value for excellent results. If you would like us to “special price” a do-it-yourself package of either these items on one site, a couple of items on ½ the sites, or “whatever”, let us know. If you find a particular type of advertising is working for you, you might want to combine that with a “little something else.”

Can you mix and match a little? Sure.

Any questions, just go to the contact form and give a call or email us, anytime.



Menu of Ads/Services Type of


Sidebar Ads  
Skyscraper monthly
Vertical Banner monthly
One time design with 1-2 revisions once
Footer Ads
Footer Banner monthly
Footer ½ Banner monthly
One time design with 1-2 revisions once
Combo Sidebar/Footer Ads
Footer Banner + Vertical Banner monthly
½ Footer Banner + Skyscraper monthly
One time design with 1-2 revisions once
Top Banner Ads  
Top Banner monthly
Top ½ Banner monthly
One time design with 1-2 revisions once
Media Pages Ads  
Featured Media Page monthly
Full Media Page monthly
Blog Feature once
Guest blog post once
Homepage Blogroll monthly
Sidebar Blogroll monthly
Press Release  
Submit written Press Release once
Write/submit Press Release once
Edit submitted written Press Release once
5 Guest Blog posts on top 5 websites once
Full Media Page on top 5 websites monthly
Homepage Blogroll + Skyscraper + Full Media Page on 3 top websites monthly
Sidebar Blogroll + Top banner + Full Media Page on top 4 websites monthly
Featured Media Page + Footer Banner + Homepage Blogroll on top 5 websites monthly